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Massachusetts Sample Education Plan

Homeschool families in Massachusetts must submit an education plan along with their notice of intent each year. HSLDA members can customize this editable sample education plan to ensure they include all necessary information.

Ejemplo de plan educativo en Massachusetts

Las familias que educan en el hogar en Massachusetts deben presentar un plan educativo junto con su aviso de intención cada año

Massachusetts Sample Progress Report

This is a SAMPLE progress report intended to provide HSLDA members an example of what a progress report in Massachusetts could look like.

Ejemplo de informe de progreso de Massachusetts

Este es un informe de progreso de MUESTRA destinado a proporcionar a los miembros de HSLDA un ejemplo de cómo podría ser un informe de progreso en Massachusetts.

Homeschooling Helps Family Go from Homeless to Thriving

When Erin and her sons needed to escape domestic violence, CPS helped. But now that the family is safe and homeschooling, investigators want to keep checking up—even though their visits just add to the trauma.

Análisis legal de Massachusetts

Un análisis detallado de las leyes de educación en el hogar en Massachusetts

Massachusetts Notice of Intent Forms

To homeschool in Massachusetts you must submit a notice of intent to begin your homeschool, and a notice of intent to continue homeschooling each year after. Use these forms as instructed.

Formularios de Aviso de Intención de Massachusetts

Para enseñar en el hogar en Massachusetts

Massachusetts Withdrawal Form

You can use this form to follow the withdrawal procedure of the Massachusetts school your child is currently attending.

Formulario de retiro de Massachusetts

Puede utilizar este formulario para seguir el procedimiento de retiro de la escuela de Massachusetts a la que su hijo asiste actualmente.