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Compulsory School Age in Mississippi

Here’s when you need to start following Mississippi’s compulsory school law for each of your children.

Veterans Affairs Admitted They Shouldn’t Deny Family’s Benefits. Several Times.

We helped these Army veterans when officials prematurely ended benefits for their two oldest children while they were still in high school. Now we’re helping with their youngest kids who are also being homeschooled.

Has the DNPE Requested to Review Your Records?

The North Carolina Division of Non-Public Education (DNPE) recently sent out a mass email to homeschool parents inviting them to a virtual record review meeting.

HSLDA Helps Cosmetology Board Give Policy a Makeover

Two homeschool graduates were told their diplomas were insufficient by the Kentucky Board of Cosmetology. HSLDA has gotten involved to help make sure their policy is informed and fair to homeschool graduates.

Chattanooga-area Homeschool Expo coming to East Ridge, July 17-18, 2020

Will you be at the Chattanooga-area Homeschool Expo? Stop by HSLDA’s booth for a conference-only membership discount and a free Visa gift card drawing! We hope you’ll come say hello, grab free resources, and meet our staff.

Edad de asistencia escolar obligatoria en Mississippi

¿Cuándo debe empezar a cumplir con las leyes de asistencia obligatoria en Mississippi con cada uno de sus hijos?

Virginia Religious Exemption to Immunization Form

This form is for Virginia homeschool families who have a religious objection to the state immunization laws.

Has North Carolina Requested Homeschool Enrollment Information?

Here's what to do if North Carolina sends you an email saying that you have to update your homeschool enrollment information before they "close" your school.

Washington D.C.—Homeschool Students Have Right to Take AP Tests

D.C. Council has affirmed that homeschool students who live in the district have the right to take AP tests that are offered by the public schools.

Jury Duty Laws in Virginia

Here’s what Virginia law says about jury duty exemptions for homeschool parents.