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Mom Tries to Enroll Child in Driver’s Ed, Hits Barrier

A homeschool mom invoked her legal right in order to qualify her son for public school driver’s ed. Officials didn’t even bother to reply.

The Importance of Recordkeeping in South Dakota

Best practices for what records to keep

La importancia de mantener registros en South Dakota

Estos son los registros que necesita mantener para su escuela en casa en South Dakota.

A Plan is in Motion to Save You Time and Stress This Fall

We wrote to all 611 school districts to reset their expectations of homeschool regulations.

New Ohio Law Streamlines Homeschool Reporting and Increases Freedom

Major changes to Ohio homeschool law were enacted when the governor signed this year’s massive budget bill.

Effective July 17: How the New Iowa Homeschool Rules Will Impact You

As of July 17, 2024 there are new Iowa homeschool rules. Learn how they will impact you!

Police and Principal Demand That Homeschool Mom Sign Optional Form

Distressed over pandemic restrictions and poor academics, a Missouri mom pulled her son out of public school in 2021. She followed the law, but after a year of homeschooling the principal showed up at her front door, escorted by a police officer …

Formularios de privacidad de South Dakota

Utilice este formulario como se indica a continuación.

South Dakota Privacy Notice

South Dakota residents may submit a copy of this form with their Application for Public School Exemption Certificate to protect the confidentiality of the information you submit.

Missouri Company Renews Job Offer After Graduate Proves Valid Diploma

This homeschool grad had a job offer rescinded after a healthcare company refused to accept her valid diploma. They decided based on a background check service.