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Sheriffs Embrace the Law for Homeschool Hiring Fairness

A homeschool graduate was told his high school diploma wasn’t good enough, and that he needed a GED to apply for a job with the sheriff’s department. Then two sheriffs got involved.

Harvard Summit to Discuss Regulating Homeschooling

HSLDA is on the agenda, but we’re not invited. One of the organizers, Professor Elizabeth Bartholet, recently recommended “a presumptive ban on homeschooling.”

HSLDA Promotes Freedom During Ministerial Week

We participated in U.S. State Department events promoting religious freedom and rallied outside the Cuban embassy to call for the release of jailed homeschool parents

“They had to make us suffer for our beliefs.”

Letter From A Guantanamo Jail

Mom Set Free, Homeschool Dad Still Demands Justice from Behind Bars


District: Actually, We Don’t Need Photos of Your Records!

Several families contacted HSLDA after a public school social worker dropped by for no specific reason and asked to photograph homeschool records with his phone.

Derailed College Transfer Now Back on Track


In Defense of Homeschooling: Writers Respond to Harvard Prof's Call for a Ban

Harvard graduates, journalists, researchers, advocates, and other friends of homeschooling pointed out how Bartholet’s views mischaracterize the movement and threaten freedom.

Update: Kenya Court Grants Dad a Chance to Change Law


Timing is Everything

With public schools in disarray due to COVID-19, homeschooling provides millions of families with real choices to address the education of their children. Which makes professor Elizabeth Bartholet’s call for banning homeschooling terribly ill-timed.