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Chesapeake Demands Your Curriculum—Maybe

Chesapeake, Virginia public schools based their confusing demand on what they wanted, not what the law says.

Hiked the Grand Canyon. Explored Machu Picchu. Battled Wildfires. Homeschooled.

Tucker Fisher’s parents decided to homeschool him to help protect his compromised immune system. His love for exploring the great outdoors led to adventures on four continents and a promising career path.

Aspiring Forestry Student Encounters Unfriendly Ecosystem: College Admissions

Just before he left to study ecosystems in Ecuador, a homeschool graduate had his application to college held up by a misunderstanding. HSLDA helped clear the way.

Lemurs, Rockets, and Fossil-Hunting: Homeschooling Preps College-bound Twins

Born minutes apart, twin sisters forged a deep friendship as they scouted, explored, did construction projects, and learned together. Now they’re headed to elite colleges 600 miles from each other.

Homeschooled Tennis Player Earns Scholarship Despite NCAA Confusion

This homeschool graduate was excited to learn his tennis skills just might earn him a college scholarship. But his step up to a higher level of competition also meant navigating NCAA regulations.

Military Homeschoolers Don’t Have to File with the Military

Absent an exceptional situation, no homeschool family is ever required to give their home instruction paperwork to a Department of Defense representative.

Official Fails to Notice Homeschool Notice … Files Charges

Even though this brand-new homeschool family followed the rules for filing a notice, they still received a summons to court. And then they called HSLDA.

Banjo Meets Mandolin: Homeschooled Brothers Forge New Bluegrass Tradition

Inspired by their grandfather’s recordings of bluegrass pioneers, these homeschooled brothers are making a name as new purveyors of an old musical style.

Never Give Up: How a Teen, His Mom, and HSLDA Cleared the Runway to JROTC

After four years in his local Civil Air Patrol, Ryan Carbonel applied to a federal military prep program, hoping to become a US Air Force Officer. But officials said, “Nope! Homeschoolers can’t participate.” That’s when Ryan’s family called HSLDA.

‘Not Good Enough.’ Official Objects when Family Starts Homeschooling

When her daughter began falling behind in class, this mother switched to homeschooling to provide personalized instruction. She filed the required paperwork with the public school, but the superintendent kept asking for more.