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How to Plan a High School Elective Course

Break out of the educational box with electives! These courses are the perfect opportunity for your teen to explore interests, build career skills, and simply enjoy learning. And you can develop them yourself!

Elective Courses and Extracurricular Activities: Why My Teen Needs Both

What’s the difference between a high school elective course and an extracurricular? Learn how to tell them apart, understand the lasting benefits for your student, and become equipped to incorporate both into your teen’s homeschool journey!

Electives: The Zing in Your High School Plan


Materias electivas: la chispa en el plan de secundaria


Choosing and Documenting High School Extracurricular Activities

Everything you ever wanted to know about including extracurriculars in your homeschool!

Average to Strong College Prep Plan

This sample high school plan would be appropriate for students entering community college or applying to most four-year colleges and universities.

Get our simple 4-year high school plan form

Use this free 4-year high school form to plan out the courses your homeschool student will take during each year of high school.

What Information Goes on My High Schooler’s Transcript?

Are you wondering: What information is essential to have on my homeschooled teen's transcript? Is it important to use a specific kind of paper? Who signs it? Find answers and options right here!

Homeschooled High Schoolers and the GED

Does your student need a GED? The short answer is no—if your student finishes his or her high school program, a homeschool diploma is in order!

Three Types of Year-End Assessments