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New York District: We Need Your Homeschool Notice Three Weeks Early

A public school district asked families to turn in their homeschool notices early to give officials plenty of time to process the paperwork. Not only is this contrary to regulations, it shows the need for streamlining homeschool law.

New York District Charges Family with Neglect—a Year after They Moved

A homeschool family followed all the rules when moving their program to a neighboring county. A year later, they were under investigation.

Enough is Enough

Tanya’s experience is not unique. Our legal team has heard similar stories over the years from other NYC families trying to begin homeschooling.

Family Stands up to School Board over Rejected Homeschool Plan

HSLDA is helping a New York family as it asks the local school board to overturn the rejection of their 6th-grader’s homeschool plan. The situation is part of a growing trend as more school officials make demands that are not supported by state law.

Trending Again: Districts Don’t Know How to Let Go

Several homeschool families who moved away from New York state, or even between districts within the state, have found themselves hounded by public school officials from their previous districts demanding unnecessary paperwork.

In a New York Minute? Not When It Comes to Processing Homeschool Paperwork

Several families in New York City who switched to homeschooling this fall have been waiting weeks to hear from the city that their paperwork has been processed. Meanwhile, their children’s former schools could report them for educational neglect.

Families Move, But Officials Just Won’t Let Go

Public school officials obsessed with closing out their records are making up requirements out of thin air and harassing homeschool families after they move.

District’s Quest for Information Leads to Strange Request

This family wanted to homeschool. The district said they had to enroll in public school first.

“Don’t Give Up!” Bronx Mom Fights so Son Can Thrive

When Aleily discovered her son with special needs was thriving at home, she decided to homeschool. Pressure from officials, and a dearth of Spanish-language resources, kept her stressed—until she connected with HSLDA.

‘She Did Not Believe Me’: NYS Doubts Canadian Mom’s Homeschool Legitimacy

She followed all the rules. But before she knew it, she was under investigation for educational neglect.