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Unannounced Home Visits for Homeschoolers? CATO Clarifies.

After a recent panel discussion on homeschooling, our good friend at the Cato Institute reaffirmed their goal of promoting individual liberty and limited government.

Could COVID-19 Get Us Back to Where We Truly Belong?

With the global pandemic closing schools and businesses, this Ugandan homeschool dad sees more families looking to the home as a place of education and commerce.

When Compulsory Attendance Age Got “Hoghoused” From 7 Down to 5

Until the voters of South Dakota insist on restoring the rights of parents, 5-year-olds are subject to the law.

Did the Governor Just Shut My Homeschool Down?

Various emergency orders and rule changes affecting public and private schools don’t necessarily apply to typical Illinois homeschool operations.

Official Admits Blunder, Won’t Send Correction

Under South Dakota law, families are not required to tell school officials in advance which test they will be choosing.

Bartholet: A Change of Heart?

Professor Bartholet recently clarified that she does not want to see homeschooling “all but banned”. Then she pointed to her recent law review article as the best explanation of her position ... where the “presumptive ban” language comes from.

Poll: School Choice a Winning Issue


Letters Deluge Harvard Magazine with Tales of Homeschool Success

The letters praise homeschooling with the authentic voice of those who have seen how the educational option has benefited their own families.

Don’t Ban Homeschooling Based on Stereotypes

Homeschooling is one of the best things that has happened to me, in part because it allowed my parents to teach moral and religious values right along with academic and hands-on instruction.

Keep Homeschooling Free

An HSLDA attorney tells why as a teen he asked his parents to homeschool him, describes how effective the educational option is and explores why it should not be banned.