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How to Adapt Any Curriculum to Your Child’s Special Needs

Did you know you can adapt almost any homeschool curriculum to meet your child’s special needs? Learn how to offer accommodations like supplemental materials or assistive technology—and to adjust the pace, order, or intensity of curriculum.

How to Choose Curriculum for Your Child with Special Needs

What makes a curriculum more friendly to learners with special needs? Here are 4 ways to identify that curriculum, where to find it, and how to leverage 2 unique tools every parent has to help your kid learn.

Homeschooling on a Budget . . . or No Budget?

Looking for some budget friendly ways to source your curriculum needs? Here you go! If you’ve got a handle on your child’s learning preference, your teaching style, and your educational approach.

¿Educa en casa con un presupuesto limitado… o sin presupuesto?

¿Busca maneras económicas de conseguir currículo? ¡Aquí las tiene! Claro, si es que ya definió la preferencia de aprendizaje de su hijo, su estilo de enseñanza y su método educativo.

Textbooks and Beyond: Different Types of Curriculum

All-in-one, by subject, online, integrated/unit studies: what are they and how do they work?

Selecting My Curriculum

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of curriculum choices? Check out these helpful strategies for narrowing your options to find the best fit for you and your student.

Cómo seleccionar mi currículo

¿Se siente abrumado por la gran cantidad de opciones de currículo? Revise estas estrategias útiles para acotar sus opciones y encontrar la que más se adapte a usted y a su estudiante.