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Filling In Your School Year—The Big Picture View

Getting my ducks in a row: What kinds of things do I need to have on hand for effective lesson planning?

Nitty-Gritty Lesson Planning

Find the Shortcuts—Then Break It Into Easy-to-Accomplish Chunks

Choosing Planning Tools That Work for Me

For tracking your daily lesson plans, extracurricular activities, assignment grades—and even daily chores—here are popular recordkeeping strategies and resources used by homeschooling parents like you.

Cómo elegir las herramientas de planificación más adecuadas para mí

Para llevar un registro de sus clases diarias, actividades extracurriculares, calificaciones de tareas y labores diarias en el hogar, le compartimos estrategias populares de planificación y recursos que muchos padres utilizan al educar en casa.

When Should You Start the School Year?

That answer can vary depending on each homeschooling family. 

One Step, Two Step: School Planning as a Team

Breathe easy: Sharing the load means it’s not all on you!

A Procrastinator’s Approach to School Planning

Not a type A planner? No problem! From conferences to curriculum, here are some ideas for starting the school year.

Paso uno y paso dos: planeación académica en equipo

Respire tranquilamente: ¡al compartir la carga, no todo dependerá de usted!

Cómo aborda un procrastinador la planeación académica

¿No es un planificador nato? ¡No pasa nada! Aquí tiene algunas ideas para comenzar el año escolar, desde conferencias hasta currículo.

The Drawing Board: The Art of School Planning

Are you someone who needs a plan? You’ve come to the right place.