Why is it so important? Good records equip your student with proof of education for continuing their education, entering the military, or passing an employer’s background check. It may also prove valuable if there are ever any questions about your homeschool.

We recommend that you follow California’s homeschooling rules and related recordkeeping requirements for whichever homeschooling option you may choose. For those homeschooling as a home-based private school, this includes copies of annual private school affidavits, an attendance register, immunization or exemption records, and maintained lists of courses of study and instructors. California's specific requirements for each option are available here.

In addition to state-required records, you should keep the following important records for your homeschool:

  • Attendance records
  • Information on the textbooks and workbooks your student used
  • Samples of your student’s schoolwork
  • Correspondence with school officials
  • Portfolios and test results
  • Any other documents showing that your child is receiving an appropriate education in compliance with the law

You should maintain these records for at least two years.

You should also keep your student’s high school records and proof of compliance with the home education laws during the high school years (including any type of home education notice that you file with state or local officials) on file forever.