If you are homeschooling a child with special needs, you need to follow your state’s homeschool regulations. There are no additional requirements for homeschooling children with special needs.

With the passage of SB 106 in 2021, Delaware Code Annotated Title 14 Section 2703A defines homeschoolers as nonpublic school students, however, “students enrolled in homeschools are deemed to be parentally-placed private school children for purposes of providing equitable services using proportionate share funds under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, 20 U.S.C.A § 1400, et. seq.”

Under this new definition, homeschoolers are now entitled to special education services through the public school.

Note: As you decide what kind of special needs services and therapy best meet your child’s needs, we want you to know that HSLDA Compassion Curriculum Grants are available to help with diagnostic services, therapy, curriculum, or other educational materials.