As I write this article in November, my column will be short and to the point. (I am recovering from COVID-19, though I’m nearly back to normal.) I wanted to comment on what a blessing it is for families to be able to homeschool in the midst of the turmoil in so many school districts—particularly right here in Loudoun County, Virginia.

Loudoun County—which happens to be where HSLDA’s office has been located for over 30 years and where my family has lived for 20 years—has grown from a mostly rural economy in the 1980s to one of the richest and fastest-growing counties in the nation today. This growth is largely because of several factors: Loudoun is only an hour from Washington, DC, the big tech and security fields are rapidly expanding here, and the federal government keeps outsourcing more and more work to federal contractors. This wealth means that area schools have been generously funded, and Loudoun school officials have historically taken great pride in the quality of the county’s public schools. But recent events have thrown mud on that shining school image.