Q&A: Homeschooling 6th through 8th Grade | Ep. 54

Episode 54  •  August 23, 2021  •  Q&A with Heather Frommack and Natalie Mack

Got questions about homeschooling in middle school? Join Heather Frommack (HSLDA director of outreach and consulting services) and Natalie Mack (HSLDA high school consultant) as they answer questions about homeschooling in 6th through 8th grade. 

Questions covered include:

  • How do you choose a curriculum without becoming overwhelmed?
  • What is the difference between unschooling and interest-led learning?
  • How do you homeschool while working full-time?
  • How do you prepare your kids for high school?

“We just need to be encouraged that there is not perfection. There is progress. There is you. And you are one of the most important things you can give your child during your home school years. Because obviously, we care about academics. We care about enrichment. But the thing that you have as a homeschooler now is time with your kid and you have been uniquely positioned to be that person in their life. So I just want to encourage you—that is so valuable.” — Heather Frommack