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Homeschooling is not legal, but there are a number of families who are currently homeschooling.

Schooling is mandatory and not attending school is penalized.

The Constitution allocates chapter 5 of Title III on Individual and Social Rights and Duties to Education. Article 91 provides that the State organizes and directs the public service of national education and guarantees parents the right to participate in the educational process of their children, while Art. 94 guarantees freedom of education and recognizes the right to create private teaching centers compliant with what is established by law.

Art. 9537, on the other hand, establishes the gratuity of the official education, in all the pre-university levels, and the obligatory nature of the first level of education or general basic education.

Within the framework of the “Organic Law of Education” compulsory schooling is established. Regarding the compulsory nature of Primary Education, it is established in Art. 7140, which defines it as the obligation of the child to receive education and the obligation of the State to impart it. In this same line Art. 7541 provides that no child under fifteen (15) years may engage in work or activity that deprives them of the right to attend school. The same article establishes a fine for parents who contravene the provision.

The above text (with minor editing) is taken directly from OLASE - Observatorio Latinoamericano de Aprendizajes sin Escuelas.

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