Who Is This Webinar For?

Is writing a struggle for your child? What’s the sticking point: Picking up a pencil and getting started, choosing a topic, or organizing their thoughts? 

Or are you wondering, “How can I know where each kid is developmentally? Are they physically ready to write? What steps in the writing process can they do on their own? What writing techniques should I show them?”

You’re not alone! In this welcoming conversation, we’ll focus on how to inspire kids in kindergarten through 6th grade to enjoy writing and equip them with foundational tools. 

In this webinar, Elsie Iudicello (homeschooling mom to four boys) and Monica Moodhe (homeschool grad and former English Composition college instructor), team up with our host Sandra Kim (former-public-school-turned-new-homeschooling-mom) to talk about their own writing challenges and share creative solutions that work! 

Some More Topics We’ll Discuss

  • What are some reasons students may be reluctant or seem unmotivated to write? 
  • How can I make writing more fun and engaging? 
  • What simple things can I do? How do read-alouds, asking key questions, and getting kids to tell stories verbally help build pre-literacy skills?
  • Writing prompts: What are they and how can I use them? 
  • What are more tools I can use to inspire my kids to love writing and build writing skills?
  • What about boys? Help!

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