Who Is This Webinar For?

Worried your child is behind in reading—or not even reading yet? Do they find reading boring . . . challenging . . . or frustrating? Wish they’d just want to pick up a book on their own? 

Guess what?! This is not unusual. And they’re likely not behind.

Each child has their own unique developmental and readiness timeline for reading. And homeschooling lets you map your child’s learning journey to their personal timeline. Learn simple steps to help your child become a confident reader and make it an adventure filled with wonder and joy!

Check out this warm, welcoming conversation with three homeschooling moms: HSLDA Special Needs Consultant and reading specialist Faith Berens, homeschool mom Sarah Grinnel, and our host Sandra Kim.

They’ll share their experiences with their own reluctant readers and you’ll be equipped with understanding, assurance, and practical science-backed tools and techniques to inspire your reluctant reader! 

What are your biggest challenges with your reluctant reader? Get answers in this free recorded webinar!

Some Topics We Cover

  • Why does my child not like reading? 
  • How can I make reading fun and engaging? 
  • Did you know there are many different ways to read—such as “to, by, and with,” family read alouds, audio books, audio-assisted, shared, echo, and choral reading?! 
  • What specific kinds of books/literature can help hook reluctant readers? Do graphic novels count as reading? How can I use free library resources?
  • Got any tips for older students—particularly boys? I need help!

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