360x240-iceland-flagCompulsory Education Age

6-16 (Compulsory School Act 2008, Art. 3)

Legal Status

A regulation on homeschooling was introduced. Between 1995 -2009, homeschooling was allowed only in a few cases as an exception from the school system. In 2009, a regulation on homeschooling was introduced which requires that at least one parent hold a teaching license. Parents are also forcing to follow a state sanction curriculum. Parents who wish to teach their children at home, in part or totally, must apply for an exemption from their municipality. The head teacher may provide an exemption in consultation with the School Board and specialist services. Children that receive instruction at home are exempt from the compulsory schooling but must comply with the regular evaluation and monitoring and undergo the nationally coordinated examination according to the Compulsory School Act. If parents are granted permission to teach their children at home, the municipality has to make a contract with the compulsory school in the municipality concerning advice, supervision and various services.