Who Is This Webinar For?

  • “There was no time to prepare for this diagnosis. How can I juggle patient care, doctor appointments, physical therapy, and homeschool?”
  • “My husband was just transferred across the country. We’ve got to move in four weeks—we’ve got to find a house, sell our house, get everything packed, and keep the kids’ education on track. Help!!!”
  • “I feel so overwhelmed. There’s just too much. And I just can’t. Where do I start?”

When your life is suddenly turned upside down by a major change—a new baby, a child with special learning or developmental needs, a cross country move, an accident, a medical diagnosis or unexplained illness, divorce, death, or job loss—what happens to your kids’ homeschool?

How do you keep homeschooling when your regular routine (and everything else) goes out the door? When you or a loved one is dealing with severe pain or a terminal illness, how do you help your kids focus on learning while they’re struggling with their own stress and grief?

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Our panelists are three seasoned homeschooling moms who have experienced major life changes like a trans-Atlantic move, medical crises, serious chronic illness, in-home health care, birth of twins, a child’s special needs diagnosis, hospice care, and death of a spouse.

In this webinar, they’ll share their honest and real stories with our moderator Sandra Kim—a former-public-school-turned-new-homeschool-and-full-time-working mom to three. These moms will come alongside you with encouragement, reassuring insight, and practical, creative ways to help your kids keep learning and growing. (And help you stay grounded and get the important stuff done!)

Some Topics We’ll Discuss

  • Do we have to stop homeschooling for a while—or are there ways we can keep homeschooling?
  • How can homeschooling provide stability amid big changes and emotional upheaval?
  • Where do I find support for myself? Support for my kids?
  • I just learned my child has a special needs diagnosis. Can homeschooling provide what they need to progress?
  • How do I have (and help my kids have) a growth mindset through difficult seasons?

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