In this free 45-minute recorded workshop, you'll learn how to connect with local homeschool families and create a community for your homeschool!

Who Is This Webinar For?

  • “Where can I get connected with other homeschooling families?”
  • “I wish there was a Facebook group just for homeschool moms or dads!
  • “How do I get my kids connected with other kids now that they’re not in school every day?”

Public school mom Sandra Kim has decided to jump into homeschooling this fall with her three kids—and now she’s wondering how to get connected with other homeschooling families.

If any of these questions resonate with you, join Louisiana Homeschoolers President Chris Chin, HSLDA Educational Consultant Kristy Horner, and HSLDA Senior Counsel and Director of Group Services Darren Jones as they come alongside Sandra with answers and creative ideas!

Some Topics We Cover

  • How do I get connected and find support as a homeschooling parent? Can you give me a speed tour of some options?
  • Now that my kids are homeschooled, what are some ways I can help them get or stay connected with other kids and adults?
  • I’m looking for some in-person connections or homeschool enrichment possibilities: where do I start?
  • I’d prefer to connect online: do you have tips for zeroing in on a group that would fit me?
  • I can’t find any local homeschool support: what are some creative ways to create my own opportunities?

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