Though homeschool graduates are considered prize recruits by many colleges and universities, trade schools are sometimes reluctant to accept them. That’s when HSLDA’s help can make a big difference.

Admissions officers at Northwest Lineman College, which trains students to work on power lines and equipment, told Bret Deto that that they would not take his homeschool diploma and transcript. They suggested instead that he obtain a GED.

At that point, Bret’s mother contacted us.

We promptly wrote a letter to the college showing how Bret’s diploma complies with California’s private school laws. We urged officials to accept his high school transcripts.

Within two weeks, Bret was accepted into the program.

His mother wrote to tell us, “I can’t thank you enough for your help with my son. Thanks to your letter, he is now enrolled in Northwest Lineman College! Fortunately, we did not need your help while we were homeschooling, but all these years later, we did, and you came through! I appreciate you and the work you do. I have shared this story with our homeschooling community. Thank you, and God bless!”

From preschool through graduation—and beyond, HSLDA is here to make homeschooling possible and to smooth out any bumps in the road.