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¿Hablas Español? Meet Our Spanish-Speaking Team!

The six members of our Spanish Bilingual Team are delighted to serve our Spanish-speaking families as they navigate their homeschooling journey.

Amy Majors (Bolivia)

Bilingual Grant Administrator

Amy has homeschooled her three children since 2006. She works for our Compassion Grants program and helps Spanish-speaking members with financial aid, curriculum grants, and disaster-relief assistance. Our online grant application forms are available in Spanish, and Amy can provide detailed guidance on completing the application process as needed.

If you know of a Spanish-speaking homeschool family going through difficult times, let them know we are here to help!

Marilú Herrera (El Salvador)

Bilingual Membership Representative

As part of HSLDA’s membership team, Marilú serves as the first point of contact for Spanish speakers interested in HSLDA’s services. Additionally, she provides interpretation services for Spanish-speaking members seeking legal assistance (click here for information in Spanish on state homeschool laws), as well as Spanish translation and editing for HSLDA resources.

Marilú would be happy to talk with you or your Spanish-speaking friend who is thinking about homeschooling!

Sindy Quiñonez (Guatemala)

Translation Editor

Sindy was the first staff member to serve the Spanish-speaking homeschoolers at HSLDA, and she helped build foundations for our current translation and editing team. Sindy now works full-time as an elementary school teacher, but she still collaborates on translation projects and offers advice to the Spanish Bilingual Team.

Marialena Zachariah (Argentina)

Bilingual Educational Consultant

Marialena was homeschooled in Argentina, and she homeschooled her own three children for 16 years. She works with our Educational Consultant Team to help Spanish-speaking parents start homeschooling. She provides detailed information on choosing a curriculum, finding resources, and figuring out an educational approach.

She also provides interpretation and translation services for Spanish-speaking members who are seeking assistance to homeschool their children with learning struggles.

Karim Morato (Guatemala)

Bilingual Educational Consultant and Hispanic Outreach Coordinator

Karim and her husband have homeschooled their children for the past 14 years. She works in our Educational Consultant and Outreach teams to equip families in their homeschool journey, and support and encourage Hispanic homeschool leaders.

Karim also participates in conferences and workshops in Spanish, and offers leaders strategic advice to help them serve the Hispanic community. If you know of a homeschool leader seeking to support the Hispanic homeschool community, let them know of our Hispanic Outreach program!

Alicia Leal (Mexico)

Bilingual Editor

Alicia is the newest member of our Spanish Bilingual Team. She writes in English and Spanish about the Hispanic homeschool community, and manages HSLDA’s Spanish Update newsletter.

Additionally, she oversees the Spanish translation and editing process at HSLDA and helps with legal interpretation.

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More Spanish-speaking families are choosing to homeschool, and we are happy to have this knowledgeable and skilled team working together to help make homeschooling possible for Spanish-speaking families.

To learn more, visit our Spanish resources page, call us at (540) 338-8284, or email us at

Spanish speakers who would like to join HSLDA can visit

HSLDA’s Spanish Bilingual team is ready and eager to serve you and your Spanish-speaking friends!

Did you know HSLDA offers Spanish-language homeschool resources?

Let your Spanish-speaking homeschool friends know about our Spanish resources! They can learn how to start homeschooling, clarify their state’s homeschool legal requirements, get answers to frequently asked questions, subscribe to HSLDA’s Spanish Update, and read our Spanish articles here.

¿Sabía que HSLDA ofrece recursos en español sobre la educación en casa?

¡Hágale saber a sus amigos educadores en el hogar de habla hispana sobre nuestros recursos en español! Pueden aprender sobre cómo comenzar con la educación en el hogar, aclarar los requisitos legales de su estado para enseñar en casa, obtener respuestas a sus preguntas frecuentes, suscribirse a nuestro Boletín en Español y leer nuestros artículos en español aquí.