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Compulsory Education Age

6 to 15 or 16 (end of basic secondary education)

Legal Status

Homeschooling is currently illegal in Cuba. Education may only be acquired only through schooling in one of the state schools.

Article 38 of the Cuban Constitution 2002 addresses the right of education, but leads to teaching and imposing Marxist, communist, and atheist doctrine from a young age. Article 39 of the constitution further specifies what they wish to accomplish with education in Cuba: “The law . . . [establishes] the integration and structure of the national system of education and the extent of compulsory education and defines the minimum level of general education that every citizen should acquire. In order to make this principle a reality, general education and specialized scientific, technical or artistic education are combined with work, development research, physical education, sports, participation in political and social activities and military training.”

Not only is homeschooling prohibited, but so is every other educational model that does not follow the state ideology. Even though the right of respect and separation of church and state is addressed in Article 8 of the Constitution, articles 38 and 39 infringe on this right by imposing the educational model.