Who Is This Webinar For?

  • Are you jumping into homeschooling for the first time—but you still need to work full time?
  • Wondering how you’re going to keep your kids learning while you focus on work?
  • Or how to keep the kids quiet when you’re in a teleconference or on a call?

If any of these questions resonate with you, join Reimagine Education Conference founder Kim Glanowski, Working Mom’s Homeschool Story Facebook group founder Kim Nave, and HSLDA Bilingual Educational Consultant Karim Morato as they come alongside public school-just-turned-homeschool mom, Sandra Kim, to answer these questions—and more!

Both Sandra and her husband have full-time jobs, so she’s wondering how they can make homeschooling work for their three kids. In this webinar, she’s joined by three seasoned homeschooling-and-working moms who will help her discover practical solutions and feel reassured that she can help her children thrive!

Some Topics We Cover

  • How many hours a day can I expect homeschooling to take?
  • Help! I have a toddler, a preschooler, and a second-grader—and I work full-time—and I’m trying to homeschool.
  • How can I homeschool when I have to be online for work 8am–5pm?
  • Do you have tips and hacks for making homeschooling work with either two working parents or a single working parent?
  • Can I see some sample working-and-homeschooling schedules?
  • And more!

Watch the video below.

Meet the Speakers

  • Kim Glanowski, EdD, Founder of Eden Hope Academy and Reimagine Education Conference, Business Development Consultant,
    Homeschool Mom to Four
  • Kim Nave, MEd, Therapist, Life Coach, Founder of Working Mom’s Homeschool Journey Facebook group,
    Homeschool Mom to Eight
  • Karim Marato, MEd, HSLDA Bilingual Consultant, Curriculum designer, Founder of Spanish Educational Solutions, LLC,
    Homeschool Mom to Three