Joyce Blankenship

Special Needs Educational Consultant

Joyce has worked in the field of education for over 30 years as an educational therapist, tutor, enrichment class teacher, and home educator. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in liberal studies at California State University, Long Beach, and her Multiple Subject Teaching Credential at California State University, Chico.

Joyce homeschooled all five of her children from kindergarten through high school. She has graduated four of them, and continues to homeschool her youngest who is in high school. Three of her children have gone on to earn various undergraduate and graduate degrees, with the fourth serving as a retail specialist.

During her many years of homeschooling, Joyce has used a variety of teaching styles and methods. She loves to share these with the HSLDA members she works with in her job as a special needs consultant. She finds great joy in encouraging parents in their homeschooling journey, whether they need support for getting their teen through high school or resources to help their struggling learner thrive. By sharing both the struggles and successes of her own family’s experiences, she reassures parents that they can homeschool, too!

Joyce recently moved back to her home state of California and enjoys long walks on the beach, visiting historical sites, playing tennis, and most of all sharing her love of books with her sweet two-year-old granddaughter.