Amy Majors

Bilingual Grant Administrator

Amy Majors is HSLDA’s Bilingual Grant Administrator. She helps homeschool families continue homeschooling through difficult financial times. She is from Cochabamba, Bolivia, and moved to the United States in 1999.

Amy learned English and Spanish because she grew up in a bilingual home. She reinforced her bilingual skills as a child and in her teenage years through a co-op for homeschool students, and then later by studying in different private schools.

Amy and her husband Kevin decided to homeschool their first son in 2006 when they felt God was calling them to do so. After their first homeschooling experience, they were glad to use this educational model with their two other kids.

Since then, Amy has used different educational approaches to homeschool her children. She is very grateful for the many benefits homeschooling has brought to her family. In particular, she is thankful for the closeness she and her husband have been able to build with their children and the way their children have grown up with a heart for God.

Because her two eldest sons are homeschool graduates and she is now only homeschooling her youngest son, Amy has had the opportunity to join the HSLDA Compassion team. She is very happy to help other homeschooling families. She particularly enjoys empowering them by showing them how homeschooling is possible!

Amy lives in Virginia and enjoys playing volleyball, teaching Zumba classes, and reading Christian fiction books.