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5 Ideas for Homeschooling with Preschoolers

It may see counter-intuitive, but try giving your preschooler time and attention early in the day.

Building Your Preschool Tool Kit

"We’ve gradually built a preschool tool kit filled with supplies designed to build motor skills and reinforce letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. Here's my list."

Minnesota Preschool Screening Exemption Form

Many Minnesota school districts send forms to be completed regarding screening for preschooled students. This form notifies the school district that you are aware, but do not wish to participate.

6 Valentine's Day Books for Your Preschooler

While there are many other fun and popular Valentine’s Day preschool books, these are the ones we’ve been reading on repeat all month long.

Homeschooling a Preschooler: Winter Edition Q&A

How do you homeschool a wiggly preschooler in the cold, wet winter? In this webinar, explore creative ways to release that energy! Discover how to use free play, independent play, quiet boxes, simple fun chores, motor skills development, and more!

How to Thrive with Your Preschoolers in the Midst of Social Distancing

At home with little ones? Here are some tips and ideas to spend the time!

Homeschooling Preschool (When You Didn’t Plan To)

If you’re making the decision to homeschool your pre-schooler, you are in good company! Millions of Americans are pivoting in how they plan to educate their children next year.

Having Fun in a COVID Summer

If you’re looking for engaging activities to do with your preschooler in this final month of summer, here are some things we’ve loved.

Summer Book Round-up

The summer books I selected are stories about bravery, curiosity, play, and the exploration of the natural world. Grab a glass of lemonade, a stack of books, and sit under a tree to read to your preschooler.

Three Tips for Stress-Free Nature Study in the Early Years

How can we get our preschoolers and young families out of doors—without losing our sanity—when we face so many obstacles? As a homeschooling mama of 4, I have three tips.

16 Spring-Themed Read-Alouds for Little Ones

Here are 16 delightful, spring-themed read-alouds you can read with your preschooler, reviewed by a homeschool mama!

10 Books to Read to Your Preschooler to Celebrate the Fourth of July

These 10 resources are a great way to prepare for Fourth of July celebrations and spark patriotism in your own children.

To the Moms of Multiple Littles: You Will Make It

I hope to encourage you with a few simple truths to remember as you navigate this season of life.

Do You “Enjoy Every Moment”?

A homeschooling mom's thoughts on what it means to "Enjoy Every Moment."

Winter Book Round-up

Here are some book ideas to read with your little ones this winter season! 

An Education in Nature

Water, frogs, and freedom: the benefits of outdoor play.

Teaching Early Math Through Literature

Children’s books, like Sir Cumference and the Off-the-Charts Dessert, are sure to delight! Bonus: they also teach math!

The Benefits of Outdoor Play Time

Long periods of self-directed play have a significant psychological and cognitive impact on children.  

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Portrait of a Boy in Summer

What are little boys made of? Snips, snails, and puppy dog tails.
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