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Yes! Our Educational Consultants can help HSLDA members choose curricula, plan lessons, find testing options, and much more! HSLDA’s three Educational Consultant teams each focus on a particular area of homeschooling: preschool through middle school, high school, and special needs. They’re all committed to helping you provide the home education that’s just right for your child.

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Building Your Preschool Tool Kit

"We’ve gradually built a preschool tool kit filled with supplies designed to build motor skills and reinforce letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. Here's my list."

Mapping It Out: Preschool Geography Education

Geography is not typically among the first subjects homeschool moms consider foundational in preschool. So why teach it? And how in the world do you teach geography to a preschooler?

“Let Children Play”—Researcher Questions Mandatory Preschool

According to a new long-term study, many students who participated in a state-run early education program didn’t just fall behind their peers academically—they failed to thrive. One researcher says educators should rethink preschool programs.

Chelsea Moore

Chelsea is raising two little women in the Shenandoah Valley. She has a passion for health and wellness, writes about the importance of local food, and loves being a preschool mom.

Preschool Science: Capitalize on Their Curiosity


Bureaucrat Obstructs Homeschool Grad From Pursuing Teaching Career

This 19-year-old has dreams of opening a Montessori preschool. Her next step in achieving her dream was to become a substitute teacher, but she hit a major roadblock.

6 Valentine's Day Books for Your Preschooler

While there are many other fun and popular Valentine’s Day preschool books, these are the ones we’ve been reading on repeat all month long.

Minnesota Preschool Screening Exemption Form

Many Minnesota school districts send forms to be completed regarding screening for preschooled students. This form notifies the school district that you are aware, but do not wish to participate.

“The Little Push We Needed”: Homeschool Mom on HSLDA’s Grants

Jessica Rivas left her job to homeschool her first child, Pablito, during his preschool years, but she thought financial struggles would keep her from homeschooling him through elementary school.

How Charlotte Mason Invites Us Beyond ABCs and 123s