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Filling In Your School Year—The Big Picture View

Getting my ducks in a row: What kinds of things do I need to have on hand for effective lesson planning?

Homeschool Prep: Planning Out the Year—Q&A

Want to make your homeschool planning easier, faster, or more effective? Get your kids involved? Goals? Curriculum? Tools? Watch this free webinar!

Nitty-Gritty Lesson Planning

Find the Shortcuts—Then Break It Into Easy-to-Accomplish Chunks

A Procrastinator’s Approach to School Planning

Not a type A planner? No problem! From conferences to curriculum, here are some ideas for starting the school year.

Choosing Planning Tools That Work for Me

For tracking your daily lesson plans, extracurricular activities, assignment grades—and even daily chores—here are popular recordkeeping strategies and resources used by homeschooling parents like you.

One Step, Two Step: School Planning as a Team

Breathe easy: Sharing the load means it’s not all on you!

The Drawing Board: The Art of School Planning

Are you someone who needs a plan? You’ve come to the right place.

Scope and Sequence

Getting started homeschooling or even just planning for the new school year can seem like an overwhelming task that leaves questions swirling in our heads. We have a great resource to help you answer them!

From Good to Great: 7 Elements of a Great Day

Planning a great day is like practicing the piano. Find the problem and keep working at it till you can fix it. 

Planning, Evaluating, & Recordkeeping with Special Needs

We've got helpful tools for you and we'll walk you through planning out goals and objectives, coordinating accommodations, therapies, and interventions—and documenting all the things!

High School Planning with Your Teen

Because every child is different, and especially because homeschooling encourages individuality, every child’s plan should look a little different.

Optimal Illusions: Sometimes Good Is Good Enough

Don’t let the perfect become the enemy of the good.

It Won’t Kill You to Do More

We all approach homeschooling—and life—differently. If you’re like me, you know your own limits. We’re not going to overdo ourselves. Our focus, instead, is on how to live full and happy lives within those limits.

When Should You Start the School Year?

That answer can vary depending on each homeschooling family. 

4 Lesson Plan Detours (and Why We Took Them)

One joy of homeschooling is that you aren’t locked into something that isn’t working!  

Summer Break: Homeschool Style!—Q&A

Explore summer options for homeschoolers: vacation, travel, passion projects, hands-on learning, planning, field trips, and more in this free webinar!

Blessing the Beginning: A Start of Year Tradition

For this homeschooling family, a tradition helps put things in perspective.   

Single-Parent Homeschooling: Success Strategies Q&A

Single working mom and army wife share how flexibility, planning, support, innovation create customized homeschooling where kids thrive: watch free webinar!

Stop and Dig Deeper: Developing Interest

Slowing down and focusing on one subject can be an important means of learning. 

The Great Schoolbook Scavenger Hunt

Looking for ways to save on homeschool curriculum? Here are some places to look!
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