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Ohio Assessments Officially Waived for 2020-21

Homeschoolers no longer need to submit test scores for the 2020-2021 school year.

Child Support Restored for Special Needs Student


COVID-19: Urgent—ODE Changing Guidance on Assessments

The Ohio Department of Education has released guidance for homeschooling during COVID-19 that conflicts with what we previously told you.

Officials’ Confusion over Education Law Lands Family in Court

An Ohio family followed the law when they formed an 08 school to accommodate their religious beliefs. Unfortunately, the local officials were not familiar with the law, so they took the family to court.

Truant Officers Harassing Homeschoolers in Ohio?

Home School Legal Defense Association is receiving numerous reports about truant officers and police showing up unannounced and uninvited at private homes to “check up” and see if families are homeschooling.

Trouble with Getting Jobs, Diplomas, Driver’s Licenses? Call Amy!

HSLDA’s newest attorney reflects on the victories she’s already won for homeschool families—and how it makes her love her job.

My Child is Homeschooling. So Why is the School Robocalling?

Delays in processing the notices of new homeschool families mean many are being checked up on with automated phone calls. Here’s what’s going on.

ODE Helpful to Homeschoolers Who are Feeling Harassed

We commend the department and its staff for responding to the homeschooling community’s concerns and taking steps to address them.

Judge: Teen’s Homeschool Too Legit for Dad to Quit Child Support

The father of an 18-year-old who is still homeschooling dragged everyone back into court to object to a ruling that he pay child support.

Homeschoolers Serve with a Smile During Pandemic

From distributing food to making masks—and just offering encouragement—homeschool families have been creative in finding ways to serve their communities during the COVID-19 crisis.

Ohio: Am I Breaking the Law if I Send My NOI to the ESC?

At Home School Legal Defense Association, we answer thousands of questions from Ohio families every year and help resolve hundreds of disputes between homeschooling parents and the more than 600 school districts in the state.

Sixth-Circuit Case: Flag on the Play—Instant Replay

In April 2020, a three-judge panel ruled that students in Detroit had a federal constitutional right to a basic minimum public education. Now, the full court is rehearing the case from scratch. 

COVID-19: Homeschool Assessments in Ohio? Yes? No? Maybe?

We believe it is in the best interest of the homeschool community for assessment requirements to be eased this year.

Getting Started: Homeschooling Mid-Year

Hear HSLDA Attorney Peter Kamakawiwoole, Special Needs Consultant Kristy Horner, as they discuss homeschooling and ways to get started mid-year.

How Does HSLDA View Compulsory Attendance?

Join Mike Smith and Dan Beasley as they discuss legislative attempts to lower compulsary attendance ages—and why HSLDA opposes them.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

“When CPS showed up at the door … we knew right away to call HSLDA.”

Update: Changes to Homeschool Requirements in Several States

Lawmakers and other officials have taken action to modify—or even waive—some homeschool requirements, including testing and other forms of assessment. Here’s the latest.

Homeschool Freedom Doesn’t Harm Children

Blaming homeschool regulations for the deaths of children is not only irresponsible—it's dangerous.

HSLDA to Sixth Circuit: Reject Harvard Professor’s Legal Project

The court's ruling in Gary B. v. Whitmer has the potential to bring the legal theories of Bartholet to life, endangering homeschooling freedom. We've submitted an amicus brief as we work to reverse this dangerous precedent.

Ohio Homeschool Laws

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