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Help Us Defend Homeschool Freedom This Legislative Season

We’re just weeks into the new legislative season, and we’ve already needed homeschool families to take action on several bills that could impact homeschooling.

2023 Legislative Round-up: Six Wins for Homeschooling


What’s Next? 2020 Legislative Trends + Homeschooling

Our goal of course, is to guard the ability of loving parents to teach, protect, and nurture their children.

Homeschool Kids Propose Sweet Legislative Solution

While celebrating Alabama’s bicentennial, this homeschool class noticed the state lacked an official vegetable. So they asked their state senators to change that.

Defending Homeschool Freedom—One Bill at a Time | Ep. 106

HSLDA’s legislative season is in full swing! Scott Woodruff (HSLDA Director of Legal and Legislative Advocacy) gives Jim Mason (HSLDA President) the rundown on how HSLDA keeps making homeschooling possible through legislation monitoring!

How We Track Legislation that Affects Your Kids’ Homeschool

Sometimes monitoring legislative activity in all 50 states means working around the clock. We stay on top of bills and rumors of bills so that you can homeschool freely—knowing that we’ll alert you whenever a bill might impact your homeschool.

Record Growth and Legal Setbacks: British Homeschooling Meets New Opposition

More students than ever are homeschooling in England—something advocates are celebrating. But a court ruling that grants local officials more power to restrict home education has prompted advocates to seek a new legislative approach.

New Hampshire Law Brings 3 Significant Improvements to Homeschooling

Years of effort paid off this legislative session, as HSLDA and state groups persuaded state lawmakers to update homeschool regulations by leveling the playing field and reflecting the way today’s parents educate their students.

Two Days, Two Challenges

HSLDA is first and foremost about defending the freedom of parents to teach their children at home. From the beginning, we’ve worked to protect the privacy of the home, and we’re still working to protect that right today.

Maggie McKneely

Maggie was the federal relations liaison for HSLDA from 2018–2023, advocating on behalf of homeschool families on Capitol Hill.