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Homeschool students are eligible to take college entrance exams wherever the exams are offered, typically at local high schools or colleges. Your teen can register at any testing location for the SAT or ACT using the nationwide homeschool code. The CLT is an online exam, so it can be taken at home. Read more details here

Yes! In fact, studies have shown that homeschooled children tend to have higher standardized test scores, persevere though college longer, and have higher GPAs in college.

In large part, this is because homeschool students receive an education that is tailored to their specific needs and talents. Parents know their children best and can give them one-on-one help and attention. 

Yes! Homeschool students have proven themselves in colleges and universities for decades. Most admissions officers are familiar with homeschooling, and many institutions even post homeschool admission policies on their websites.

You can maximize your student’s chances of acceptance by visiting college websites, understanding their high school credit requirements, and incorporating these into your student’s high school program.

Colleges want focused and motivated students who love learning. With well-kept records and competitive college entrance test scores, homeschooled applicants are generally welcome at postsecondary schools.

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The exact hows and whens of joining the military depend on a few factors: Which branch? Does your student want to join as an enlistee or as an officer? Do they want to attend college?

Check out our post on preparing to enter the military to learn how to identify the best stepping-stones for your teen to reach their goals.


Average to Strong College Prep Plan

This sample high school plan would be appropriate for students entering community college or applying to most four-year colleges and universities.

Rigorous College Prep Plan

This sample high school plan would be appropriate for students applying to selective or prestigious colleges and universities.

College Readiness for Homeschoolers Q&A

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Steps to Submit a College Application

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Community College (and Other Alternative Routes to College Credit)

Have you considered community college for your teen? It can form an affordable bridge from high school to a four-year

Gathering College Application Information

If college applications are on the horizon, be prepared ahead of time with all the important documentation your student will need. Here’s what you need to know, Mom!

The Basics of College Scholarships and Financial Aid

Financial aid and scholarships can make all the difference in whether your high schooler is able to afford college. Understand the types of financial aid and the application process to maximize your homeschool student’s chances of qualifying!

More Big Questions About High School

What about life after graduation? Will my child be able to get a job, go to college, join the military, pursue a trade?