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College Prep for Teens

Academic preparation for college begins in the freshman year. Learn what you need to know about a college prep plan and exploring career interests with your teen!

Preparing for College: A Bird's-Eye View

Questions about the college admissions process and how best to prepare your teen for the rigors of college academics? We have answers!

Gathering College Application Information

If college applications are on the horizon, be prepared ahead of time with all the important documentation your student will need. Here’s what you need to know, Mom!

Average to Strong College Prep Plan

This sample high school plan would be appropriate for students entering community college or applying to most four-year colleges and universities.

Rigorous College Prep Plan

This sample high school plan would be appropriate for students applying to selective or prestigious colleges and universities.

Steps to Submit a College Application

Applying to college as a homeschooled student can get easier each year. Understanding the college admissions process from the homeschool perspective prepares you to approach this season with confidence!

Taking the PSAT

Here’s everything you need to know about the PSAT, which prepares teens for college entrance exams and also makes them eligible for scholarships.

Introduction to College Entrance Exams


Getting to College Early by Keeping It Simple and Inspiring Passion

This family got their children college-ready by age 12? Here’s how they did it.

Community College (and Other Alternative Routes to College Credit)

Have you considered community college for your teen? It can form an affordable bridge from high school to a four-year

The Basics of College Scholarships and Financial Aid

Financial aid and scholarships can make all the difference in whether your high schooler is able to afford college. Understand the types of financial aid and the application process to maximize your homeschool student’s chances of qualifying!

Investigating Four-Year Colleges and Universities

There are over 2,000 accredited four-year colleges and universities in the United States! How do you and your teen sort through them all? We’ll show you how!
Court Report

Teach your teen to read like an English major

Though I was well-prepared for college, I’ve realized how little I really knew about reading at the college level as a high schooler. Here's how I learned to read like an English major.

AP Exams and AP Courses

AP Exams and courses give your teen the opportunity to delve into college-level work, earn college credit or advanced placement, and save both time and money.

More about the SAT, ACT, and CLT


Shadow Over PSAT Availability in Loudoun County

State law says public schools must administer the PSAT to homeschoolers who want to take the exam, which lets them compete for a scholarship. But some officials seem reluctant to comply.

Where Do I Start? Accommodations for Tests Like the SAT, ACT, CLT, PSAT, and AP

Does your homeschooled teen have documented learning difficulties—and struggle with formal testing? Are you concerned tests like AP, PSAT, SAT, ACT, and CLT won’t reflect your child’s true abilities? Here’s how to apply for accommodations.

Simplifying the ACT Accommodations Process for Homeschoolers

Here’s a walk through the actual detailed steps from registration and documentation to submitting your application.

Specific Guidance: Applying for SAT and ACT Accommodations

Are you wondering: How do I document teen’s disability? Which accommodation(s) should I request?

High School & Beyond

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