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Jedi Mind Tricks: Memorization Helps Homeschool Grad Soar as Army Pilot

By design, Seth Gabbard’s homeschool program taught him skills that have helped him forge a fulfilling career as a soldier.

Erin Eskew

Erin is a homeschool graduate, the daughter of an Air Force officer, the wife to an Army officer, and a homeschooling mom of four.

Homeschooled Teen Beats Odds, Earns Acceptance to West Point

Inspired by his father’s Army service, Caleb decided he wanted a military career at age 9. By middle school, he was aiming even higher. Too high, some said.

Veterans Affairs Admitted They Shouldn’t Deny Family’s Benefits. Several Times.

We helped these Army veterans when officials prematurely ended benefits for their two oldest children while they were still in high school. Now we’re helping with their youngest kids who are also being homeschooled.

Biggest-ever GHEC Boosts Global Homeschooling

Homeschooling is growing globally at a rapid pace—and no one is more excited about this growth than the attendees of the Global Home Education Conference 2018, who met in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Moscow City

Scholarships and Other Resources for Military Families

Check out these scholarships and resources available to children of military service members.

Michael Donnelly, JD, LLM

Mike is an attorney, writer, homeschooling dad, adjunct professor of government, and frequent media spokesperson on homeschooling, freedom, and parental rights. He previously served as Senior Counsel and Director of Global Outreach at HSLDA.

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Homeschooled. Self-Directed. Professionally Employed. 17 Years Old.

Patrick Robles finished high school early so that he could get a full-time job and start earning more money. He tapped into his creative homeschool background to chart a path to a job that fit his strengths and goals.

SLOs Are Catching a Vision for Helping Homeschool Families

The civilian personnel who should be serving as a key support to homeschooling families in the military don’t always know how. That’s where HSLDA’s Natalie Mack comes in.