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Stronger Together: How Your Homeschool Can Flourish in a Group

Homeschool groups provide support, access to activities, and can help stretch your education dollars. And if there isn’t one near you, we can help you start something new!

Times Change. Your Group’s Policies Should Keep Up.

Like a car, after a homeschool group has been operating for a while, it may need a tune-up. Here are some important documents to look at.

Homeschool Grads no Longer Assumed Out-of-State Residents in University System

On April 21, Nebraska governor Pete Ricketts signed LB 92, a bill that will change the way homeschool graduates are categorized for purposes of in-state tuition in the Nebraska University system.

Defend Homeschool Freedom: Join Your State Homeschool Organizations!

State groups offer resources and unite your voice with other homeschoolers. Find your homeschool state group here.

Homeschoolers and the Battle of the Forms!

HSLDA is seeing an increasing number of Wyoming public school districts sending overly burdensome and detailed forms to homeschoolers—forms that are not required by law!

Homeschooling Ban in Michigan Was Accidental

A broadly worded order from the Michigan governor shutting down “in-person instruction” could have been interpreted as a ban on homeschooling as well. Her office quickly clarified.

South Dakota Expands Liberty for Homeschool Families

Historic legislation making it easier to homeschool and reducing the paperwork burden has taken effect. Here’s a detailed look at the changes.

New Hampshire Law Brings 3 Significant Improvements to Homeschooling

Years of effort paid off this legislative session, as HSLDA and state groups persuaded state lawmakers to update homeschool regulations by leveling the playing field and reflecting the way today’s parents educate their students.

Maine: Elected Officials Abolish Religious Exemption from Immunization

HSLDA and Homeschoolers of Maine are united in opposing this new law.

ODE Helpful to Homeschoolers Who are Feeling Harassed

We commend the department and its staff for responding to the homeschooling community’s concerns and taking steps to address them.