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Conestoga Doubles Affidavit Demand

A member family in Pennsylvania wondered if state law had changed when they received a letter asking for an additional homeschool affidavit. The letter was mistaken.

State School Census no Excuse for Demanding Extra Info from Homeschoolers

A district official told a homeschool family they had to provide their child’s birthdate as part of a school census authorized by state law. We think it’s a policy that needs to change.

Filing Declaration Instead of Affidavit Simplifies Homeschooling in Pennsylvania

A Pennsylvania homeschool family can file an unsworn declaration (meaning no notary signature is required) rather than an affidavit.

Wrong Test. Wrong Health Form. Pennsylvania District’s Bogus Demands Pile Up.

Last time, they wanted this homeschool mom to hand in a health form the law doesn’t require. This year, they told her to test her daughter using an exam based partially on Common Core. On both occasions she asked HSLDA for help.

Many Pennsylvania Districts Making Unlawful Demands

We’re reminding officials what the law actually says.

Turns Out, Only Elected Officials Can Make the Law!

A Pennsylvania school district tried to demand that homeschool families submit proof of residency. The homeschool regulation only allows them to collect certain information.

Pennsylvania District Transfer Letter

If your family is moving from one school district in Pennsylvania to another, use this form as instructed.

Pennsylvania Home Education Diploma

Homeschool administrators may download and use this form as instructed.

Formularios de vacunación de Pennsylvania

Los miembros de HSLDA pueden usar uno de estos formularios, ya sea para enviar sus registros de vacunación o presentar una exención religiosa.

University’s Conventional Thinking Nearly Crushes Dreams

A homeschool graduate with community college credit was rejected by a school because it wanted a “state-recognized” homeschool diploma.