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Sample IEP Withdrawal Letter

HSLDA members can use this sample letter as a template when withdrawing their student with special needs from his or her IEP.

Poll: School Choice a Winning Issue


Phony Requirements, False Threats Hit Homeschool Families’ Mailboxes

It seems like a lot of officials across Kentucky are confused about what the law requires—especially in light of the new, COVID-19 educational landscape. In this article we set the record straight.

COVID-19 Relief Act: What’s In It For Homeschoolers?

As part of a massive relief bill passed in March, Congress appropriated billions of dollars to help with education. Homeschoolers qualify for some of this aid, but there may be strings attached.

Social Security vs. Homeschoolers: The Battle Intensifies

The number of families requesting help in having Social Security benefits restored for students has tripled in the last five years.

What are Homeschoolers Up To? Just Check the News

The media has been busy covering and trying to make sense of so many families switching to school-at-home.

H.R. 6666: What We Know So Far

H.R. 6666 in its current form offers few details on how tracking COVID-19 cases will be accomplished, and no added protections for patient privacy or restrictions on data collection and use.

COVID-19: Has Annual Testing for Homeschoolers Changed?

Continue to comply with the legal requirements set by state law for assessments, but use the flexibility the law allows.

Parents Homeschool for Good Reasons

This next installment of our HSLDA Responds series unpacks the many reasons behind parents' decisions to homeschool, backed by research and the personal experience of a 2nd generation homeschooling dad.

Report Urges Civics Test for all Students—Even Homeschoolers

A congressional report suggests that all US students should be required to pass a civics exam in order to graduate. We value civics, but not a top-down approach.