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Why We Know Homeschooling is Right for Us

We are so happy homeschooling lets our son learn not only academics, but life skills like positive social interactions, hands-on business, flexibility, and managing his time. These are valuable lessons we know will be helpful to him when he grows up.

My New Year's Resolution

I am discovering that there is value in the quieter times that I so often crave, and being busier is not always better.

The “Do” List

The next time you’re overwhelmed by what you “ought to” be doing, pause a moment. Flip over your To-Do list and take look at your Do List. It’s there to remind you that while you don’t do it all, you do a lot.

Feeling Discouraged? 8 Easy Tips to Refocus and Find Joy

Discouragement does not have a right to control us or our homeschool. With effort, we can change our attitude from negative to positive, from discouraged to joyful!

When You Feel Like Homeschooling isn’t Working

Lots of homeschooling parents have felt this way, are feeling this way, or will feel this way. It’s normal. It’s not EASY when you find yourself there, but it is normal. You’re not alone.

Attitude is Everything

When life gets stressful or frustrating, I remind myself that adjusting my attitude and changing my focus can make a huge difference in how the day proceeds.

Timeless Truths in The Lord of the Rings

I hope that one day more writers and moviemakers will arise to bring foundational truths back into focus. But until that time, revisiting the old masterpieces works for me.

Discovering Your Hidden Gifts

I'm no longer so worried about being “cool” enough to influence the lives of teens. It is rewarding to use this gift that I never realized I had before I began to use it.

Somebody’s Gotta Do It

Some jobs (did someone say dishes?) may not be glamorous, but if they weren’t done, we’d be in a lot of trouble! 

5 (Kind of) Shocking Truths About Homeschooling

(And the secret to mastering homeschooling in 10 days.)