The Wunderlich family were delighted that a local juvenile court decided to return custody of their four children after they were seized in a surprise visit by French social workers on September 28.

Dirk Wunderlich was pleased at the outcome and grateful to those who comforted his family during the crisis.

“All went very well,” he said. “The children are back and we can do homeschooling. Thank you and your members for their prayers and support.”

The French court reviewed testimony from eight people familiar with the family and determined that the children should return home. However, the court retained jurisdiction and ordered that the children should be made available to a court-ordered investigator who would follow up on the home education. The court stated that it would dismiss the case in six months if all was well.

Homeschooling in France is a legitimate form of education ordinarily conducted under “supervision” of local school authorities. An attempt to impose restrictions on French homeschoolers was defeated in the French legislature several years ago.

HSLDA supported the family with legal advice and encouragement during their difficulty. Staff Attorney Michael Donnelly noted the ruling with pleasure.

“This is the right result,” Donnelly said. “The children should never have been taken in the first place, and we continue to be concerned about the possible connection between the French and German authorities in this case. We will continue to support the family, and HSLDA is grateful for the support of its members which allows us to help families like the Wunderlichs.”