Thanks to your efforts, along with that of CHEC and numerous homeschool-friendly legislators, Senate Bill 163 was amended Saturday, June 13, to clearly exempt homeschooling families from new reporting and exemption requirements

Ultimately, the new language was adopted by large, bipartisan majorities.

Your constant vigilance, presence, and activism made the difference and inspired legislators to preserve and protect your freedom.

I want to recognize Senator Paul Lundeen, whose efforts were critical in helping push the favorable language over the finish line. Thanks also to CHEC Legislative Liaison Carolyn Martin as well as Executive Director Steve Craig, who were present at the Capitol during a frenzied and stressful time to help achieve this important outcome.

Once the measure is signed into law families homeschooling under the notice of intent option pursuant to C.R.S. 22-33-104.5 must maintain immunization records or a statement of exemption and be prepared to provide these if requested by a school district in accordance with C.R.S. 22-33-104.5(3)(g). Because school districts must have probable cause before requesting records, any HSLDA member who receives a records request should contact HSLDA immediately for assistance. Families enrolled in independent schools will only need to produce immunization records or a statement that the child is exempt if requested by the school. For homeschooling families who physically attend public or private schools “for a portion of the day,” schools may (not must) require compliance with the new immunization exemption and reporting requirements. These requirements are complicated, and it is unclear how quickly the CDPHE will promulgate rules and forms required by the statute.

Families who choose to immunize their children under either option, and who do not want their information included in the new statewide immunization database will need to opt out.

While independent schools may request immunization records, it is HSLDA’s position that this is not a requirement. HSLDA will be revising its independent schools’ memo to recognize this updated information.

It is our privilege to serve the Colorado homeschooling community. As you can see, freedom requires vigilance and action. If you know a new homeschool family—or someone who is thinking about homeschooling (and there are lots of these)—we welcome their support.

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