Commissioner of Education Frank Edelblut has issued a “Waiver of Annual Educational Evaluation of Home Education Programs.”

In his June 1 letter, Edelblut states that “due to the novel coronavirus” homeschoolers are not required to conduct the annual homeschool assessment otherwise required under N.H. R.S.A 193-A:6.

The commissioner “directs” parents to “keep a copy of this waiver” with their home education portfolio.

New Hampshire homeschoolers are required to keep records for two years as detailed in N.H. R.S.A 193-A:6(I). For more information about homeschooling requirements click here

As authority to waive this requirement, the commissioner references Governor Christopher Sununu's Executive Order No. 38.

As always, HSLDA is closely watching the current situation and will keep you informed of any changes which would impact homeschooling families.