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Passing the Baton 

Home School Association for Military Families (HSAMF) is now HSLDA Military Families.

HSAMF members, supporters and visitors to this website may have noticed that things look a bit different.

That’s because we have passed on the mission of supporting military families to Home School Legal Defense Association, a trusted movement leader that has helped make homeschooling possible for 35 years.

The biggest reason for this change is you. Your prayers and financial support have allowed us to help thousands of military homeschool families across the world. Since its inception in 2012, HSAMF has grown immensely and accomplished many wonderful things. The needs of military homeschool families have also increased, and we have come to realize that we are unable to meet the those needs in the way that we desire or that you deserve.

Thankfully we have been blessed in collaborating with HSLDA on a number of issues over the past few years. I've worked with their attorneys first-hand and have seen their leadership and excellence in ministry. With this in mind I've asked HSLDA to step in to lead where we cannot.

HSLDA has always supported military homeschoolers, but because of our efforts, they now recognize the need to be more directly involved in advocacy and support for military homeschool families.

HSLDA has expanded to take on our efforts and will begin to focus on serving military homeschoolers directly.

They offer an extensive list of support resources for homeschooling from Pre-K through high school, resources for special needs students, a listing of support groups in every state, help with legal services, and a full-time staff to assist you with questions and concerns on your homeschool journey.

Transition from HSAMF to HSLDA will be complete soon. We thank HSLDA for taking hold of the baton and encourage them as they press forward in serving our military homeschool families.


Mariel K. Barreras 
HSAMF Executive Director