It was a familiar feeling: we were moving again. Another military move out of state to a new duty station. This time, though, we were homeschooling, so the transition and life change was going to be easier. Our school moved with us. We could stop school when we needed and start it back up when we were settled.

There are so many benefits of homeschooling that we have experienced first-hand as a military family—benefits that help ease some of the chaos that can be part of military life.

Four Benefits to Homeschooling as a Military Family

We are so thankful that homeschooling picks up and moves with us. There is less stress about academic achievement and less concern over failure. Homeschooling can be customized to your child’s exact needs. And, the best benefit to homeschooling as a military family is that the experience not only helps my children grow, but it causes me to grow too. Let me share how each of these positive aspects of homeschooling have benefitted our family in hopes that it will be able to help yours!

1. Homeschooling Moves with You

Ever since we started homeschooling, life has had better balance. For example, there are no jarring changes of schedule when my children get sick. If a child feels unwell, they take time to rest while the rest of us keep learning. We can keep moving forward every day without having to change our whole day around. No matter what pops up, homeschooling can flex around any unforeseen event in the schedule.

Additionally, the kids’ school situation is unaffected by my husband’s upcoming career change, when he will enter military retirement and transition from active-duty military to being a civilian. It is one aspect of our life right now that feels so easy to move as we need it to.

Homeschooling has added flexibility that we desperately need. For example, there are always new state requirements to be mindful of with cross-country moves. But, with the legal resources at HSLDA, we are always equipped to face the requirements and keep our school in good standing.

2. Less Stress About Failure or Achievement

Homeschooling has taught my children not to fear failure. It has also taught them to have less of an obsession with success. There is such a large amount of pressure on children to do well in school as children are pushed to get good grades, do well on tests, and compete in all the extracurricular activities. That can lead to a lot of stress!

My children work hard to get good grades, but their achievement is never compared to others. There are no class standings, or grade lists, or bell curves. There is only the process of learning, taking the test and relearning, if needed. We have grade standards, but each child competes with themselves, not a classroom or entire school of children.

Their whole focus is on their work. Their social time is extra and not linked to their academic situation or standing. It provides a less-worldly focus on academic achievement and standards. You can’t fail our homeschool. Every child can and will learn until they have achieved it. It is freeing.

3. Homeschooling Is Customized Education at Its Best

I get asked often, “How do I homeschool if my child has an IEP (Individualized Educational Plan)?” My response is always, “Homeschooling is an IEP. It is a customized, tailored education for each child.” I believe there is no way to create an individualized learning path that is better than homeschooling. I even share about this in my book, A Parent’s Guide to School Choice.

No matter where we live, my children get to access curricula that support how they learn and what they want to learn. They learn and re-learn like I mentioned in my blog post about how I can change anything and everything about my child’s learning situation to support their goals—and my goals for them.

Homeschooling is an IEP. Considering all the options and flavors of homeschooling, you can add in what you need to give your child a well-rounded educational experience. From co-ops to hybrid schools to a la carte courses, there is a school choice option for every child to succeed on an academic path.

4. Our Children Grow and So Do We

The process of learning how to homeschool has taught me a lot about being flexible as I discover how my children learn best. Adjusting to the kids’ needs and desires has helped me learn greater patience, have more understanding, and grow in my parenting skills.

Every day, I act as a motivational coach, teacher, and guide. Every day, my children learn they can succeed and I learn that I can adjust to succeed as a homeschool mom, too. There is no one way to homeschool! We can learn from other homeschool parents, implement what sounds good for our family, but leave the rest aside. That is the beauty of the experience.

Every year, I evaluate, adjust, and implement a new approach. Maybe not an entirely new curriculum, but each year is a fresh new start to learn along with my children. I see where they struggle, and we adjust accordingly. I see what sparks their academic interests and work in more topics that cover those things. Encouraging my children’s growth has allowed me to grow too!