Some features of this Group Services section are available only to our Discount Groups and Affiliates. To register for log-in access, you will need your group’s name, the zip code of the organization you represent, and the access code provided in your Discount Group or Affiliate confirmation letter or email. If you do not have this information, please contact Group Services.

To Become An HSLDA Discount Group

  1. Get the word out.

    Inform your group of the discount plan opportunity and determine if there are ten interested families. If you do not immediately find ten interested families, don't be discouraged. You may simply need to offer information about the benefits of HSLDA membership, wait a while, and try again. (Meanwhile, you may wish to become an HSLDA Referral Rewards Affiliate so your group can benefit from the membership of those who do join before your minimum is met.)

  2. Identify your Discount Group members.

    Divide your list of interested families into the following two categories:

    • Current HSLDA members—Provide each HSLDA member with an Enrollment Form to fill out and return to you (you may photocopy for distribution to your group). Current members do not need to send a check until their renewal time. The $20 discount will appear on their next annual HSLDA renewal form.
    • Applying HSLDA members—Distribute an HSLDA application to each family interested in HSLDA membership. Ask them to fill it out and return it to you with a check for $100, payable to HSLDA. Note: We cannot accept one check for the whole group since each family is individually accepted into membership.
  3. Fill out the Discount Group forms.

    Complete the following forms:

    If you are not able to print the forms, we can mail you a paper version of the forms that are on the website; contact us at

  4. Mail your packet to HSLDA.

    Mail checks and forms to

    Home School Legal Defense Association
    ATTN: Group Services
    P.O. Box 3000
    Purcellville, VA 20134-9000

    Approximately 1–2 weeks after we receive your complete packet, we will email you confirmation with your Discount Group number, confidential access code (for log-in areas of the Group Services website), and additional information about the program.

    Note: We must receive all requested forms before we can approve your group for the discount. If you are unable to procure 10 families, notify your group immediately and return applications and checks to each family. Please do not hold any applications for more than one month!

For more information, see Frequently Asked Questions about the Discount Group program.