Some features of this Group Services section are available only to our Discount Groups and Affiliates. To register for log-in access, you will need your group’s name, the zip code of the organization you represent, and the access code provided in your Discount Group or Affiliate confirmation letter or email. If you do not have this information, please contact Group Services.

HSLDA Discount Group Program

Thank you for your commitment to serving the families in your area and for encouraging their membership in HSLDA. We have two different programs to benefit your group: The HSLDA Discount Group program and the HSLDA Referral Rewards Affiliate program.

The primary qualification for a homeschool group to become a Discount Group is having at least ten (10) families who are already members of HSLDA, or who are applying to become members, and would use your group number as their group discount number. For families new to HSLDA, you can find a downloadable application at: For others, you’ll use the forms found on the FAQ page. (Also see the FAQs for more information about homeschool group qualifications.)

As a Discount Group, you would also communicate to your families about the services and benefits of HSLDA, and you would maintain your group’s online membership roster (which is created after you become a Discount Group).

The Roster Rewards program is an incentive program to reward those Discount Groups who update their group rosters at our site twice a year, at fairly specific times (fall and spring). Not only does your group receive a free membership to give away to a family in the group, but the person responsible for maintaining the group’s roster receives a small token of our appreciation for her diligence!

In addition, Discount Groups with 25 or more HSLDA members on their Discount Group rosters are eligible to apply for a Home School Foundation grant.

Again, thank you for your service to the homeschool community!

For more information, see Frequently Asked Questions about the Discount Group program.

Go here to see the benefits of becoming a Discount Group.

Go here to become a Discount Group.