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Homeschooling: Special Needs
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Plan for Next Year by Testing Now

At the end of the year, it is good to assess your child’s skill levels to help plan for next year’s curriculum purchases. To find your child’s skill level in various areas and to find his strengths and weaknesses, in particular, to write a Student Lesson Plan (SEP—like an IEP), you may want to administer a test.

Consider renting a Brigance test. This test is long, so can be rented for three days. Just visit HSLDA’s webpage on “Testing and Consultants for Struggling Learners” to find out how to rent this test. You can also borrow the test, rent-free, from the National Challenged Homeschoolers Associated Network. You may prefer to purchase this test from Curriculum Associates to have as your own.

If you want a quick check to see how your child is performing compared to his peers around the country, you may want to order the California Achievement Test. This test, while less analytical than the Brigance, will give you good information about where your child needs extra work for the next year. It is good to give this end-of-the-year test each year, if you can, whether your state requires yearly testing or not. This just gives you a benchmark each year, to see how your child is doing, for your information only.

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