Topic: Child Protective Services

Title:How to Protect Your Family Against a Truant Officer or Social Worker Visit
Speaker:J. Michael Smith
Length:45—60 minutes
Topic:Child Protective Services, Dealing with Social Workers, Legal
Audience:New Homeschoolers, Parents, Support Group Leaders, Veteran Homeschoolers
Description:As the government’s ever—growing role expands to encompass family life and decision—making, the information presented in this seminar is critical for every attendee. Michael Smith calls upon over two decades of defending homeschooling families against social services and child protective service contacts to inform the audience of the newest threat to their freedom. This session primarily addresses your state’s laws relating to social services contacts and provides general application for other states as well. Audiences find this session “very, very informative,” “clearly presented, enjoyable to listen to,” and “a necessity.”

Title:If It’s Broke, Fix it!
Speaker:Michael Donnelly
Length:45–60 minutes
Type:General Session, Keynote, Q & A, Support Group Leaders, Workshop
Topic:Child Protective Services, Encouragement, Motivational, Parenting
Audience:All, Fathers, Mothers, New Homeschoolers, Parents
Description:Homeschooling families face many challenges. Financial, emotional, and physical demands put significant strain on our relationships and our families. The homeschooling community is not immune to the problems facing our society, including broken marriages and broken children. But, it’s never too late to try to fix something that’s broken. It may be easier to try to hide the pain than to confront essential elements required for “fixing” these complex and serious issues. HSLDA Staff Attorney and homeschooling father of seven Michael Donnelly was raised in a broken home and will explore the necessary ingredients to helping homeschooling families stay connected and whole amidst the pressures and stresses of life.

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