Topic: Marriage

Speaker:Thomas J. Schmidt
Length:30–45 minutes
Topic:Marriage, Parenting, Teens
Audience:Parents, Teens
Description:Having firsthand experience of courtship with his wife, Susan, Tj shares how courtship can be an alternative to dating. One couple’s story of how their families sought courtship as a foundation for a lifelong commitment in marriage.

Title:For You, Dad—Leading Your Homeschool Family
Speaker:Michael Donnelly
Length:45 minutes
Type:General Session, Workshop
Topic:Encouragement, Marriage, Motivational, Parenting
Description:In most homeschooling families, Mom carries the biggest burden. How can Dad pull a share of the load when he is gone all day earning a living? There are so many other good works dads are asked to do—how can we influence our families as God calls us to do? Come listen to HSLDA attorney and homeschooling father Michael Donnelly, as he discusses Kingdom priorities in homeschooling and practical ideas to balance the increasing demands on your time and resources.

Title:Juggling on a Tightrope
Speaker:Michael Donnelly
Length:50 minutes
Type:General Session, Workshop
Topic:Encouragement, Marriage, Motivational, Parenting, Spiritual
Audience:Fathers, New Homeschoolers, Parents
Description:Today’s father has precious few waking hours that are spent going in countless directions to address seemingly great causes—not least of which is family. Our children have only one earthly father and our wives but one husband. How can we best invest our most precious resource time? And where should we be investing it for eternal value? How can we properly lead our families and serve God in an increasingly demanding and busy world of sports, music, drama, church, school, support groups, homeschool co—ops, extended family responsibilities, and ministry programs? How do we know when to say yes, and more important, when to say no? Must we choose between competing priorities to be effective stewards? Come hear thoughts on answering these questions from Mike Donnelly as he shares insights gained from his experiences as a father of six and as an army officer, entrepreneur, company executive and attorney for the Home School Legal Defense Association.

Title:Hey Dad, Let’s Get Involved!
Speaker:Michael Donnelly
Length:45–60 minutes
Type:General Session, Keynote, Q & A, Support Group Leaders, Workshop
Topic:Encouragement, Marriage, Motivational, Parenting
Audience:Fathers, New Homeschoolers
Description:Are you sitting on the sideline in your homeschool, Dad? Your wife needs you to get involved. But with so many demands in today’s world how can a busy Dad do it? How can you be involved in homeschooling? Teaching a class? Casting a vision? Leading devotions? These are important, but in order to find time to do these things, you have to manage your schedule and carefully prioritize your time. HSLDA Staff Attorney and homeschooling father of seven Michael Donnelly shares how you can do all of this.

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