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William A. Estrada

Director of Federal Relations

Will is an attorney, lobbyist, and homeschool graduate who has spent a decade fighting for the rights of homeschooling families.

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Why You Want Will for Your Event

  • As HSLDA’s Director of Federal Relations, Will uses his advocacy skills to represent homeschooling families on Capitol Hill.
  • Will has testified before Congress, served on a U.S. Department of Education committee, and met with senior officials from the federal government.
  • He has served on the board of several nonprofit organizations, such as Life Raft International and Good Samaritan Advocates.
TRAVELS FROMWashington, D.C.
HONORARIUMWill requests that the host cover travel and lodging expenses for him and his wife (when she travels with him), but he is willing to negotiate.

Sessions by William A. Estrada

Will uses ripped-from-the-headlines stories and personal anecdotes to share what issues homeschooling families face on Capitol Hill, what the current political environment is like, what HSLDA is doing at the federal level, and why grassroots activism is so important. For longer general sessions, Will goes into detail about the history of the federal government and homeschooling, threats to our freedoms at the federal level, the battles that are being fought, the victories that are being won, and what is on the horizon. BOOK THIS SESSION
30–60 minutes
Will uses humor and his personal testimony as a homeschool graduate to encourage parents and children in their homeschooling. He encourages attendees to live a life of service to each other and to God through their commitment to continue homeschooling, and closes with a vision for homeschoolers to excel in all that they do. BOOK THIS SESSION
45 minutes
Will uses humor, and his experiences as a homeschool graduate and graduate of a distance-learning law school, to discuss options for high school and beyond. He gives parents and teens a practical roadmap for a successful high school program that will open the doors to future careers and callings, whether or not college is included. He encourages teens and parents to finish strong on their homeschool journey. BOOK THIS SESSION
30–60 minutes
Will goes into detail about why the Parental Rights Amendment is so critical to the future of parental rights and homeschool freedom. He discusses the history of parental rights in our courts and law, the current threats, future challenges to our liberty, and how the Parental Rights Amendment would enshrine in the U.S. Constitution the God-given right of parents to raise their children. He closes with information on how each member of the audience can help in this crucial battle to preserve liberty for our children and grandchildren. BOOK THIS SESSION
30–60 minutes
Will uses his background as a homeschool graduate and the director of Generation Joshua to describe how young people today can make a difference in their communities and nation, how HSLDA’s Generation Joshua program can help, and how the next generation is uniquely equipped to lead our nation in the years ahead. BOOK THIS SESSION
30–60 minutes
In this fast-paced and informational talk, Will uses humor and his personal story as a [failed] candidate for public office, [successful] lobbyist for HSLDA, and [so-so] political activist to encourage attendees to be involved in politics. Whether you are a savvy politico, a political neophyte, or a jaded voter—or you don’t know what you are!—and whether you have a lot of time on your hands or barely any time at all, be inspired that you can make a difference in our nation and through political activity. Gain up-to-date information and training in making a difference, whether it’s through grassroots lobbying, political activity at the local level, or even running for political office. BOOK THIS SESSION
30, 45, or 60 minutes
Will takes his audience through the history of the Common Core&srquo;s creation, explaining how the federal government and national education bureaucrats pressured states to adopt the Common Core and how the philosophy behind the Common Core is deeply flawed. He discusses related concerns with the Common Core, such as intrusive national databases and how the Common Core is poised to become a de facto national curriculum. He closes with how homeschooling families and their allies can unite to push back against the Common Core and future attempts to nationalize the education of your children. BOOK THIS SESSION
30–60 minutes
Will goes into detail about the history, content, and effects of the 1989 United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the 2006 United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. He discusses how U.S. ratification of these treaties would threaten homeschool freedom, parental rights, and the sovereignty of the United States. Will also discusses the shifting political support for these dangerous international treaties, what freedom–loving citizens can do to fight them, and how homeschoolers have defeated these treaties in the past.

For longer sessions, he closes with a discussion of the Parental Rights Amendment, and how it would protect American families from the dangers of these and other U.N. treaties. BOOK THIS SESSION
30–60 minutes
You may live 3,000 miles from Washington, D.C., but you can still make a difference. Find out how as Will presents a compelling case for why and how every single homeschool family can be an effective lobbyist on the issues that are important to homeschooling families. Drawing on Will’s own experience as a federally registered lobbyist for HSLDA and ParentalRights.org, this workshop will offer informative, practical advice for effective lobbying and will answer every homeschooler’s specific questions. Whether you are an experienced political junkie or a busy homeschool mom who’s never tackled politics before, discover how to make a difference in the political world. BOOK THIS SESSION
30–60 minutes
Will uses the Biblical account of Esther as a springboard to encourage homeschoolers and non–homeschoolers alike in their walk with God and their family, community, and civic life. He reminds us how God has placed each of us in a unique position in life for a reason. BOOK THIS SESSION
45–60 minutes
Will gives a historical review of the Founders’ intentions when they drafted the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. He then discusses how many of the provisions in the U.S. Constitution directly protect homeschooling families. Will concludes with an informative and practical discussion that includes real-life examples of how parents can protect their constitutional freedom even when an irate social worker is demanding entrance into their home. BOOK THIS SESSION
30–45 minutes
In a talk that is applicable to all ages and all backgrounds (including non-homeschoolers), Will uses biblical and historical stories as well as personal anecdotes to inspire audiences to make a difference in their communities and in our world. Instead of looking around and seeing a world that drives us to despair, Will encourages audiences to rise above and be the change that we need in society. Will discusses spiritual, social, and community ways for all of us to make a difference for good in our spheres of influence. BOOK THIS SESSION
30, 45, or 60 minutes


A homeschool graduate from Pennsylvania, Will Estrada began working for HSLDA in January 2004 as a legal assistant to HSLDA Senior Counsel Scott Woodruff. After graduating from Oak Brook College of Law with his Juris Doctor law degree, he moved on to direct HSLDA’s Federal Relations department and serve as HSLDA’s federal lobbyist. As HSLDA’s representative on Capitol Hill, Will uses his passion for homeschooling to advocate for all homeschooling families before Congress, the White House, and the federal departments. He has testified before Congress, served on a Negotiated Rulemaking Committee for the U.S. Department of Education, and met with senior officials from federal agencies and the Executive Branch.

From October 2007 through December 2012, Will served as the director of Generation Joshua, a division of HSLDA, where he worked with young people who are passionate about making a difference in politics. He oversaw a doubling of Generation Joshua’s membership, an increase in local clubs, and an expansion of Generation Joshua’s reach and effectiveness. Will continues to work closely with Generation Joshua as the director of the HSLDA Federal PAC and the HSLDA Virginia PAC, HSLDA’s political arms.

In July 2011, Will began lobbying for ParentalRights.org as the organization’s director of government relations, where he advocates before Congress for the Parental Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. He was chosen by the board of ParentalRights.org as the organization’s Secretary in January 2017.

Will is a member of the U.S. Supreme Court bar, the California bar, and the District of Columbia bar. He has served on the board of Life Raft International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping refugees in Thailand, and he also served a two-year term as the Chairman of the Board of Good Samaritan Advocates, a nonprofit pro bono legal services organization in the greater Washington, D.C., area. In March 2016, Will was elected as the Chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee in Virginia. During the 2016 presidential election, Will served on the Transition Team for Donald J. Trump, helping to advise the Trump-Pence campaign on education policy issues that affect homeschool freedom.

Will and his wife Rachel, who is also a homeschool graduate as well as a professional pastel artist, reside in northern Virginia with their two sons, Dominic and Merrick.

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