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What’s My Teaching Style?

Discover your teaching style by asking questions such as: What kind of scheduling works best for me? Do I like everything planned out or enjoy winging it sometimes? What’s my personality type? This a key to building your personal homeschool GPS!

What to Teach


Job Opportunities at HSLDA Online Academy

The Academy serves homeschool and private school students around the world through live, online classes. See what teacher and staff openings are available!

Every Parent is a Teacher

No matter what career path you choose, you will always be a teacher, because that’s what parenting is.

Scope and Sequence

Getting started homeschooling or even just planning for the new school year can seem like an overwhelming task that leaves questions swirling in our heads. We have a great resource to help you answer them!

Homeschooling on a Budget . . . or No Budget?

Looking for some budget friendly ways to source your curriculum needs? Here you go! If you’ve got a handle on your child’s learning preference, your teaching style, and your educational approach.

Looking for Free or Inexpensive Curriculum and Resources?

From lesson plans to complete curriculum packages to refurbished laptops, see if any of these free or discounted materials can round out your homeschool library.

What’s My Child’s Learning Preference?

How does your child best absorb, comprehend, and retain new information and skills? Identifying their learning preference(s) is key to establishing your personal homeschool GPS and finding the curriculum that fits them best.

Selecting My Curriculum

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of curriculum choices? Check out these helpful strategies for narrowing your options to find the best fit for you and your student.

Textbooks and Beyond: Different Types of Curriculum

All-in-one, by subject, online, integrated/unit studies: what are they and how do they work?

The Most Important Homeschooler in this Historic, Pandemic Moment Is—You!

My 2020 has not turned out as I had envisioned. Coronavirus, cancellations, and closures have been the bywords. As the pandemic’s effects continue, we cannot ignore that an historic moment for the homeschooling movement may be in the offing.
Court Report

Your best homeschooling qualification

Here’s the bottom line: being attentive, caring parents is what equips us to be good teachers—not holding a certificate.

The Big Questions About High School

Can I really teach high school–level courses? Do homeschool graduates get into college? If you’re considering homeschooling your high schooler, you probably have lots of questions.

2020 Gift Guide for the Homeschool Teacher

If you're wondering what to get your homeschool teacher for Christmas, here's a handy guide with 20 gifts for $20 or less!

Sandberg vs. Sweden

The Last Homeschooling Family in Sweden

Classical Music in Your Homeschool | Ep. 6

What does a good music education actually look like? Join music teacher Kristi Hill to learn the answer to this question and more.

How Homeschooling from Rest Helps You Connect with Your Kids | Ep. 3

Teaching from a state of rest has transformed the homeschool experience of Sarah Mackenzie. Tune in to learn what it means, and how you can do it too.

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