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Kansas District Tries to Make Parents Sign Form or Risk Truancy Charges

De Soto school district has recently warned families that if they withdraw their child to homeschool without using an improper form, they could face legal action.

Homeschooling Family Arrested, Supreme Court Asked to Intervene

The Kenyan Supreme Court has been asked to determine the constitutionality of home education in the case of two parents who were prosecuted for truancy, but were providing an excellent education for their children at home

Grandma: HSLDA Helped Get My Case Dismissed

When my granddaughter’s serious health issues interrupted her education, I decided to homeschool her. However, paperwork misunderstandings led to a visit from child protective services and a truancy charge. That’s when I called HSLDA . . .

Truant Officers Harassing Homeschoolers in Ohio?

Home School Legal Defense Association is receiving numerous reports about truant officers and police showing up unannounced and uninvited at private homes to “check up” and see if families are homeschooling.

No Booklist? We’re Throwing the Book at You!

A state official mistakenly asked for extra documents from this homeschool family, then said they might face truancy charges if they didn’t turn it in.

Homeschool Moves Ahead After Family Trauma

After her husband died, this widow started homeschooling to help her sons cope with their loss. Then she found help through some unexpected circumstances.

Case Dismissed: Charges Against New Homeschoolers Dropped

HSLDA sees this quite a bit: a family decides to homeschool to meet the needs of their children, and school districts who don’t understand the law try to take legal action. In fact, this happened to several families recently.

Update: Changes to Homeschool Requirements in Several States

Lawmakers and other officials have taken action to modify—or even waive—some homeschool requirements, including testing and other forms of assessment. Here’s the latest.

We’re Here to Help if There’s a Knock on the Door

A surge in families switching to homeschooling—and loving it—could be behind a recent rise in officials checking for truants.

Kansas Homeschool Laws